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Calling All Video
Game Creatives

We want to make home to talented artists, creators, and small devs and teams who don't have big budgets, a big team of producers, and or don't know where to start. We're excited to celebrate your work by offering an easier way to create video games, narrative stories, or VR/AR apps while having the opportunity to submit your projects for prizes!

Starting September 25th, and running through November 30, 2020, we’re opening up VIO Timelines for all creatives to work on in their very best ideas to the Cinevva team! At the end of the contest, Cinevva team will select up to 10 developers for prizes & awards!


The contest terms are simple: any new timeline created between September 25th 2020 and December 25th, 2020, and has a game-specific structure (that meets the requirements below is eligible and can be submitted to the team at


At the end of the month, the dev team will select their 5 favorite projects to be voted on by the community for a special Grand Prize!

Submission Requirements:

  • Submission must be the entrant’s original project and must follow in-game user-created guidelines in the EULA, such as it must not contain obscene materials or use the intellectual property of any other person or entity (e.g. no footage of other games).

  • Submission must be Cinevva related and appropriate.

  • Each entrant (account) is limited to (1) submission. No doubles 

  • Each entrant will participate and submit status reports in a dedicated Slack Channel for community interactions.

  • Submissions must include the following structure:

    • Game Concept 

    • Game Mechanics

    • Characters

    • Environments

    • Animations

    • Original or marketplace art assets packs

    • Special Effects (optional)

  • Submissions must include a download link to the original files (if unpublished) or accessible viewing link (e.g. unlisted or public youtube).

  • Active VIO Timelines published on or after September 25th, 2020, are eligible.

  • All submissions (published or unpublished) must be sent to with “Calling All Creators Contest” in the subject line for entry and a brief description of the type of game or app the applicant will create.

Videos will be judged by the VIO team based on originality and creativity, and the overall community appeal.

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