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Full-Stack Developer

Job Requirements

Cinevva is a fast-growing AI startup aiming to change the interactive video game development with powerful market data suggestions. 

What you’ll do...

Work directly with the team to help collect data,  write code,  databases, and set up technical foundations for Cinevva. We are an early-stage, fast-moving startup disrupting the indie gaming industry by bringing market data to its devs like us. You must be comfortable working in a changing landscape and take pride in changing an industry that is failing to keep up with the realities of the modern consumer.

You are a good fit if you…
  • Get excited by the thought of connecting various cloud services through a custom backend running on Google Cloud

  • Have experience working with creative designers and intense product managers in a somewhat Agile format

  • Love games!

  • A Computer Science, Engineering degree or similar (real-world experience counts)

  • Work independently and understand that YOU are in control of your destiny!


For the real brownie points…


  • Deep experience with Google Cloud platforms, especially Compute, Storage, and Firebase

  • Have been a game dev yourself at some point in the past and have experience with writing plugins 

  • Interest in ML, AI, NLP

  • Math, Statistics and Probability as hobbies or passions (j/k)


Don’t worry about…

  • Degrees or something missing from the above… the most important quality you can bring is passion and a thirst to solve the problems of indie game devs!


If that's you, we want to meet you!


Please send your resume to info@cinevva.com

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