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VIO Wins the Mozilla Builder Award at The Fix The Net Showcase

Receives Mozilla grant funding to decentralise game development through simplifying existing tech complexities and to allow a wider range of creators without tech skills to be able to complete successful games and interactive content.

Dear VIO Community and Video Game Developers,

This is the first step to a significant change in how video game ideas are created and published in the industry and this award is really for YOU — the indie developer, the solo artist — the community! This is also a great recognition by the top open source organisation in the world that VIO is an important step for a world where non-tech creatives can independently create and publish a more diverse and unique content. We put this in the hand of our first adopters and friends and demonstrated great feedback and commitment to fix the internet with Mozilla Builders.

For the first time, we, indie developers will have access to state of the art integrations with magic flows similar to only those available in triple A studios in the gaming industry.

Recently we have completed the integration of game projects with Unity engine, which will become available to our users at the end of the year. This will allow creators to significantly reduce the burdens of content creation, such as:

  • Design game levels with a simple auto-tile functionality allowing customisation and flexibility in building levels fast

  • Animating 2D Characters, accessing hundreds of mechanics from open source libraries and allowing customisation with auto-slice and auto-brush features for sprite-sheets and for generating levels. Without scripting.

  • Access to all open-source libraries of mechanics and assets one step at the time, when the user needs it and how it needs it.

  • Fix errors associated with files naming conventions and organisation

With the help of the community and the support of Mozilla, we can speed up the development and reduce the time we spend on game dev in half with the power of ML and deep-tech features! VIO is powerful enough to be able to easy compile and port game projects beyound their native initial engine formats.

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