All About Cinevva

Real Stories. INDIE Games.

Cinevva began as a dream...

Two professionals seeking to make their mark in an industry that doesn't always look like them.

Cinevva was always more than just an indie game creator ourselves. Our original mission, "Accelerate Game Dev for Diverse Creatives" still runs deep in our veins.

Our Undiscovered #Indies Series is breaking barriers in the industry, providing a level playing field for newcomers and veterans alike to tell their story, get instant feedback & validation, and build a community of like-minded fans who CRAVE something new.

Let's change the world for indies, one story at a time.


Get to Know Us

Maria Muntean

Creative & Marketing Wizard

Maria has 15+ years experience as a marketing, communications, & advertising executive. She's successfully managed budgets upwards of $20 million for Orange/France Telecom & MoldTelecom and winning multiple "Brand of The Year" awards.

Chris McCrimmons

Tech & Operations Ninja

Chris is an award-winning game developer, educator, & advocate for new expression in gaming. His 10+ career in games spans AAA, Indie Games, EdTech, & Research. He's completed 20+ projects including winning an X-Prize (😲) at his last startup.

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